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Learning to be Brave

Being brave is something that isn't talked about enough. Most of the time when we think of the word brave, we think of military heroes, people saving other people's lives, and things of that nature. We hear stories of that type of bravery all the time; but what about everyday bravery? Everyday bravery is going to the gym for the first time, confronting somebody who has been harming you, or simply doing something that seems uncomfortable. This type of bravery should be rejoiced and acknowledged, the more we actually speak about the more likely others are to also try it.

When my first appointment rolled around with my therapist I was very nervous. I felt ashamed, I had this fear that people were going to look down upon me. When I finally got there I explained that to my therapist and I inadvertently tried to convince him I was right. When I finally finished rambling about that he told me this simple thing that has stuck with me since. He said, "You were brave for coming here, you're ahead of most people". When he said that It was like a lightbulb when off in my head, I was viewing this whole process so wrong. Instead of viewing this as bravery, I viewed it as cowardice.

After this realization happened it changed my whole outlook on what I was doing. I was brave for taking this step in getting help, I was brave when I stepped out of my comfort zone. We let our comfort zones dictate our lives way too much, when we refuse to leave our comfort zones we are being cowards. We're afraid of what might happen and what people may think about us. None of that should matter, who gives a crap about what others think about you. As they sit back and ride mediocracy, you are out there striving to make a change in your life. The truth is, anyone who is willing to ridicule you for your bravery is somebody who longs to be brave in their own life. They see somebody getting ahead, they see somebody conquering their fears, something they are afraid to do because they lack bravery.

Every day, small victories should be celebrated. Share them with the ones you love. People who you should keep in your life will rejoice in those victories. They'll see that little growth within you and it'll make them so proud. Strive to be brave today, whether that's meeting new people, making that appointment, or just simply leaving the house, strive for bravery today, I promise you won't regret it.

Like always, thank you for reading my blog, I hope these posts help you and make you aware of the fact that you are not alone. YOU ARE WORTH IT, don't give up, you mean the absolute world to somebody out there.

Trevor Crowder

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