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Peace in the Storm

Recently we just got a nasty winter storm. From snow to ice, high winds, freezing cold, and even rain that would eventually freeze overnight, it got very chaotic during the storm. Driving was hazardous, people lost power, and properties were damaged due to fallen trees or power lines. In the middle of this storm, I had to go outside and grab something out of my car. As I walked out there, I was caught off guard by the peace and beauty I saw in the snow. Standing there, it was hushed as the snow muffled the sound all around me. I saw beautiful white flakes fall onto me and stick to my clothes. I could see the pine trees as they collected the snow, turning even more beautiful. The storm, although causing chaos all around me, it also caused peace and beauty in the same light.

When analyzing our lives, we can pick out and recognize many storms we've had to go through. Whether physical trauma, emotional trauma, loss of a loved one, or something else, we've all gone through storms in our lives. These storms have and will fundamentally change the person you are. They can change the way you think, the career you pursue, the people you pursue, and every other aspect of your life. Unfortunately, when we go through these storms and only focus on the chaos, we change fundamentally in the wrong ways. The reason why is that we choose the impulsive, quick fix. That fix seems to be the best idea in the moment, but you'll soon discover it only harms you in the future. You didn't take time to see the beauty and peace in your storm, which didn't allow you to properly evaluate what benefits this storm may have on your life.

When a big snowstorm hits in February and March, it actually starts the spring process. The snow dumped onto the earth insulates the grass bulbs to protect them from the brutal cold that may hit some nights. Even though that storm brought chaos all around us in the moment, it was needed to bring the beauty of spring in the future. Storms in our lives are no different. Storms will come into your life to teach you very valuable lessons. It's up to you if you take it the way you were intended to. God understands that we must live through hard things to further shape us into the person HE intends us to be. But we are stubborn and stupid; we want OUR way, which may add more storms into our lives. God doesn't send these storms to torment us. He sends them to teach us. But like a good teacher, he will only stop once you learn, no matter how long it takes.

You will get through no matter how rough the storm may seem in your life right now. Try to see the beauty and peace within your storm and be patient, disciplined, and courageous throughout the tough process.. You can either let this beat you or you can tell yourself that you are going to beat this. Tell yourself that you will come out on top and you will rejoice in this tough process knowing that good times are ahead. YOU ARE STRONG; you can do this. God wouldn't allow this storm in your life if he knew you couldn't handle it. He will push you to your limits and maybe beyond them, but he knows you can do it. He has faith you can. Have faith in him that this is what you need.

Today I pray for God's guidance in your life and that He’ll guide you through your storms. I pray that you begin to understand how loved and worth it you are. Finally, I pray for favor and strength in your life. You are worth it; you are loved.

Trevor Crowder

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